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 Paramedical skincare 

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What makes us different?

Results Driven Medical esthetics with a holistic approach for total body skincare Rejuvenation! Paramedical Esthetician, Skin Revision Specialist !

Founded in March 2015 in Bradenton, FL with a drive for knowledge of great balanced skincare.

In 2016 we opened in Sarasota FL to continue our journey in skin and scar revision as it is our passion.

Our logo, the Mandala, symbolizes unity and harmony. Our clients are usually different and unique, as are mandalas. The goal of the mandala is to serve as a tool on our spiritual journey as it represents cosmic and psychic order, human consciousness becomes elevated to receive revelation about the true potential and wholeness of self.  Skin is how we view ourselves and how other's view us at a first glance. At Florida Esthetics we will work along side you to help you reach your skincare goals. The results are limitless, primarily the kind that resides within each of us, skincare is not just skin deep. Each person’s life is like a mandala– a vast, limitless circle full of potential! Only, working together can we reach your skincare goals and dreams!  Why do you need to come for a treatment or a consultation? We pride ourselves in our training and our expert knowledge. We have many treatments and technology to better serve you. We listen to your needs and also suggest how we can help you. We revise skin from the inside out, we rebuild skin at a cellular level, we don't take short cuts or slap some lotion on you and set you on your way, if we can fix it or make it better, we will. You have to decide if you want a facial that any spa or medical office can give or if you want to feel the difference and come to Florida Esthetics Paramedical Skincare!

 wrinkles, milia and texture oh my! 
When a client walks in with a problem no one has ever wanted to fix & many have said "can't be fixed", Florida Esthetics gladly takes the challenge. At florida Esthetics by jatzen, we care enough to try. It takes a lot of dedication, both from you the client and Florida Esthetics. Many protocols, procedures, countless appointments, and determination from both party's  pays off. For this client we utilized Revision protocols by florida Esthetics and DMK skincare to obtain results. Best quote from our client: "boy, my skin feels so smooth!", for someone who had coarse skin texture and years of milia covering her whole face, it is a pleasure to give her a smooth soft complexion she has not seen in over 20 years!
 Skin Revision Specialist 
If you are serious about changing the look and feel of you skin, Making the investment in yourself and taking the steps necessary to look your best, schedule you skin revision Consult