Men's spa services

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​We are a men friendly spa, we offer services just for men. Currently, our Spa has many male clients and we adore the men that come to our spa. Come in to relax or talk about the game on TV, let your consciousness drift as you fall intoxicated by our touch.  Schedule a man's Facial or Paramedical skin revision treatment. Many men like to look their best, some like to work out, eat right, read books go hunting and take advantage of the nonsurgical facelift and PRP treatments we offer.  Are you a big teddy bear? No worries, we have plenty of wax to leave you nice and smooth from head to toe; we also shave & trim friendly, for all your manscaping needs. Does your body need a little TLC? Does your skin feel like the trunk of a tree? Need a retreat? We are just the place, as Bradenton's & Sarasota's  Man Spa we are able to book you for 2-4 hours of total relaxation, ok.. ok...if your must but 6 hours is tops, we eventually have to go home. Come in and feel like the king that you are! Book a body treatment today! We even have ayurvedic and hair treatments. Add teeth whitening to any service or interactive art therapy. Don't forget our spa dance mixers, if you like to dance or learn come mingle with us, join our mailing list to stay updated on the next get together!

Beard and Facial  luxury  $165 per treatment


Deep pampering exfoliation with the heat of warm towels, oils, lotions, and potions! High Frequency penetrates follicles for silky, clean healthy beard and skin. Extractions included top it with delectable high sensory facial mask and enzymes, followed by enchanting facial massage and end it with a smile engulfed in the scent of our men's skincare line. 

Manscaping services

Waxing from your head to your toes and all in between. Do you need a Manzilian or Your chest shaved? We manscape from your chest to your toes and even take care of that Manzilian you have been thinking about getting.  Manscaping is on the rise, as part of our man spa services we offer waxing for all over your body. If you need full-body wax, we will need a few hours, but it will get done, manscaper at work!. Do you need ear or nose waxing? What about the top of your feet or your back? We are a spa for you! We also trim, shave, and mix and match requests for those who do not want a full wax.  All waxing services include prep of area, hot towels (if needed), and post-treatment to calm skin. We use only professional wax and heaters, our selection of wax is vast and we try to use the best technique when possible. We also use epilfree, this natural serum can be used with waxing to extend and even make hair grow less or not all, extra charge for treatments. We also have LLIPL we can use with shaving or trimming this extra service also stops hair growth.

Full Back From neck to pant line $85

neck OR front - $15
Top of shoulders - $20
Back ( whole or partial cost same)  - $65 to $85 depending on hair
Cheekzilian - $120 (bikini and buns)

$145 (partial manzilian and buns)

$165 (full manzilian and buns)
Manzilian (wax or shave) 

$85  - $120 partial or full


$85-$120 (full)

Some clients pay an average of $65 to $85 depending on the hair on some areas. 

Buns  ONLY - $65
Abdomen - $55
Chest $55

Full front pant line to the neck, including top of shoulders $85 to $125

Ears $15

Nose $15

Armpits $25


Body - combo hair removal that includes 4 to 7 areas of hair removal 


Other hair removal options available

Epilfree Serum add $45 takes 2-14 treatments to stop hair growth.

LLIPL add per area $75 takes 4-20 treatments  to stop hair growth

If you suffer from body acne, ingrown hairs and heat rash our services are doctor recommended.

We no longer remove hair on legs, toes, hands or eyebrows 

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Body treatments & body wraps

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Manzyme Therapy.jpg

Come Escape the busy worlds out there and find comfort and relaxation in our hands with the added benefit of great skincare.


Deluxe body Treatment 1.5 hours ( full pampering feel) $225

Combo Esthetician's choice Special 2.5 hours  $285

Body Enzyme per area

Back or Front $325

Thighs, Buns, Arms $195

Facials for men 

Deep Exfoliative Facial for men $175

Man's Facial Special ID (Health, school system, county, Military, etc.) $65

Plasmatic $195 to $245

Facials - How are our facials different? Paramedical facials are result driven, Medical Facials can reduce, fix many skin issues, including acne scars, wrinkles, sagging skin, rosacea, sun damage and much more.

Capillary strength facial $295 2hrs- Includes home product - Redness and capillaries

Manplasmatic - $195 facial only, $245 Facial with home kit, $300 for two pack. Only treatment in the world like it, for all skin conditions for those serious about skincare.

Paramedical Deep facial $175 - exfoliate, black head removal, best medical facial in town that is also relaxing. Your skin will get compliments for weeks!

Mans Facial - $85 - Relaxing with basic extractions.

Yowls  & eyes non Surgical Facial $ 245 - Also treats the eyes, skin will be tighter.

Mans Peel Facial $185 - Exfoliate deeper reveal healthy skin.

Non Surgical forehead lift facial $800 - Expression lines got like college ruled paper? No worries we can help you.

Nano Therapy Facial $250 - No pain Microneedle or Dermaroller for reduction of scars and pigmentation

Scar and wrinkle collagen CIT Facial $450 - For all scars, acne scars, wrinkles and for total face, yes even men can look younger this facial will continue to work for up to 6 to 12 months!

Manzime DMK facials please read info there on skin revision


Manzone Facial $285 skincare to hydrate and even out skin tone, texture, black head


Other popular services 



Bunzone Facial $195 skincare to even out texture, color, and treat acne on the buns, skin tag and ingrown removal included & Paramedical treatment included microdermabrasion, led or peel depending on skin condition.

Broken Capillaries  $150 Electrodesquamation

with capillary strength facial and take home product $400 (Facial only -$295)

Membership two body treatments esthetician choice  6 month contract required, purchase on shop page.


Body and Face basic - $175 - Facial and body treatment

Body and Face Deluxe $285 2.5hrs - Facial and body esthetician choice

King for a day Mans Day spa $645 4 hrs - Head to toe treatment your  body and Face will thank you, foot treatment is included as well a meal. You are the Spa King, you shall be pampered! 

WE also still need male models for skincare treatments 12 treatments included for $1500 usually $3500. models must do video or voice review and photos and come to all appointments. Esthetician will choose treatments based on skincare needs.

To  book: please book general appointment and on note put name of service.